Digital Skilled Trade: Writing

One of the most classic forms of communication is still one of the most valuable skills for making money online.

Why your writing skills are important to making money online

Writing is still the simplest and easiest way to publish short and long form content  and almost everyone has the basic linguistic skills necessary to convey any sort of idea or message.

Whether you’re writing a 2000 word blog post or writing a short caption for a social media post, internet marketers and all others who make money online rely on their writing skills all the time.

How to make money online with writing

There’s plenty of ways to make money online with writing. But it’s important to remember that writing is also just a basic skill – a necessary one to make money online even if you don’t get paid directly for your writing.

You need to be an adequate writer to craft an effective landing page, create a popular blog, grow a large social media following, or any other process of making money online.

Of course if you want to get paid directly for your writing, you could always..

Become a freelance writer

Remote freelance writing is an incredibly large industry and is only growing as more businesses come online and more content needs to be published.

Freelance writers work remotely from their computer, applying to gigs to write blog articles, newsletters, scripts, reports and other content pieces.

This is a great way to make money online because it gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Flexibility to choose which industries and niches you want to write for.

Flexibility to charge a premium rate (often paid 5-20 cents per word which equates to $20-50 per hour).

And of course the ultimate freedom of working from your computer anywhere you want, whenever you want.

You can learn more about getting started with becoming a freelance writer in our Guide to Freelance Writing in 2021.

Write content for your own blog

Blogging is so 2010 but it’s actually at peak popularity and growing. That’s because the internet is booming and people love reading an interesting blog.

This is all to say that there’s a lot of potential to monetise a blog after you’ve gained a moderate following.

Getting the blog up and running doesn’t cost much in time or money. I suggest buying a domain and hosting, and downloading WordPress. From there it just takes some basic web design and your blog is ready for publishing.

Getting your initial readers can be done for free by consistently producing informative blog articles, posting that content to social media, and some other tricks.

Your blog can also be a base point for other projects. For example, you can use your blog as a portfolio piece if you want to get into freelance writing. Or you could direct your blog followers to your ebook or another blog of yours.

Starting a blog in 2021 is easy, fun and can pay the bills.

Sell your own ebook or digital product

If you’re a storyteller, an expert in a certain subject, or you excel at relentlessly researching a niche and translating it into easily understandable words, you should write an ebook.

You can sell your ebook on Amazon Kindle or other platforms, or better yet, you could sell your ebook through your own website.

Ebooks don’t have to be very long, as long as they tell a great story or provide valuable information to the reader (no fluff-filler words!). 

What level of writer are you?

The Writer Tiers

These tiers were created by myself based on my own experiences.

  1. Beginner Writer
  • Writers who lack foundational grammar, punctuation, spelling and formatting skills
  1. Intermediate Writer
  • Can write with basic grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc
  • Ability to convey the correct message, even if it’s not in the most articulate manner
  1. Advanced Writer
  • Going beyond basic writing skills, they’ve practised and refined their writing abilities
  • Messages are conveyed in a clear and concise manner
  • Larger vocabulary and less overall mistakes
  1. Expert Writer
  • Wide vocabulary with perfect grammar, punctuation, paragraph and sentence structure
  • Have been writing consistently for years
  • Words flow naturally for these people

To make any money online, you need to get your writing up to at least tier 2. If you can make it to tier 3 or 4, even better.

Researching is just as important

Writing is only one part of the equation to becoming a great online communicator.

To truly make an impact with your writing, you need to be a tremendous researcher as well.

Whether you know the topic you’re writing about or not, you need to scan the web and pull relevant information to back up your words.

You need to be able to decipher and fact check the info you find, so you can be confident in the words you type onto the screen.

How to improve your writing

Write! Like any skill in life, the easiest way to improve it is to practice it. 

A goal that I like to set for myself is to write a measly 250 words every day. Not only does this help me improve my writing, but it also gives me lots of content to use for my projects. 

Writing 250 words per day sums up to over 90,000 words in a year. That could be 90 blog posts of 1000 words each, or it could be one or two detailed books. That’s a lot of content that can help you make money, one way or another.

How long does it take to write 250 words? 

For most people it only takes them 10-30 minutes. The most difficult thing might be finding out what to write about. 

I suggest starting a blog on a topic that interests you. Once you get started, it’s easy to lose track of time and word counts. Somedays that 250 words turns out to be 1250 words. And every day your writing is improving.